Reiki Testimonials

Diana’s Reiki I & II class was absolutely transformational! Uplifting, grounding and knowledgeable. Diana is thorough, thought provoking and compassionate. This class was filled with knowledge, wisdom, and personal growth. I feel immediately transformed and will bring this knowledge into my life and relations.

Abbey B.

MT, Yoga Instructor

I just wanted to tell you that Reiki works. I am 56 lbs lighter.  My goal was around 60 lbs when we were working together.  I thought I would let you know as some of my main intentions were health, healing and weight loss when you were working with me. It was frustrating for you working with me at times so I wanted to let you know that I know it does work and it did work.


Diana’s Reiki Master Class went light years beyond my expectations. Her wisdom, genuine love for Reiki and all of humanity, as well as her soothing voice, absolutely mystified me. I felt Reiki energy like never before, both on the giving and receiving end. Diana is genuine, loving, kind in every interaction. Her answers to questions were wise and intelligent.

Bethany N.

Physical Therapist

The May 2017 Reiki I & II class exceeded my expectations. Diana taught the material in such a way that it flowed very well. She has a vast knowledge in the subject of Reiki. There was plenty of time for questions and further explanations when needed. We were lucky to have a great class with lots of hands-on time. Diana is an amazing teacher and the people in the class were terrific!

Lisa D.

Diana’s ART/Master class greatly exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful this class was offered. With the small class group there was a lot of one-on-one and thorough explanation and demonstration of concepts and techniques. Diana is an amazing teacher and practitioner. She is very patient and explains everything in a digestible way so that students aren’t overwhelmed.

Christine M.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time I had at the class this weekend. It really was excellent! You did a great job teaching. Your knowledge of the subject is vast makes a big difference in how much learning goes on.

It’s also very obvious that Reiki is a huge part of your life. I think just the way you conduct yourself and the class with the peace and focus and calm that you express is a great testimony to not only Reiki, but to your own level of consciousness and discipline as well.

I am feeling very clear mentally this morning and also much more clear on just what it is that I will be providing in service to others. I’ve also got plans to be much more disciplined myself with my Reiki self-treatments, meditations, etc. I owe a lot of this to my experience this past weekend.

Kurt B.


I attended Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I & II class. Diana Charles was very knowledgeable and presented the material in a way that was easy to grasp. Questions were answered completely and free of judgment. The hands-on experience was concise and extremely helpful. Diana demonstrated patience and knowledge with our hands-on experience. This class was healing, informative, full of love and light. I left feeling confident that I could do this on my own.
Bettina S.

Family Counselor

This class blew my mind — so much more than I had expected! Diana took her time to explain things thoroughly. We had plenty of hands-on time, especially during Reiki II. This class is amazing and Diana is great at teaching it! I felt energy like I have never felt it before.

Diane T.

Let me thank you from Lisa and I from the bottom of our hearts! Yesterday was a life changing experience for us and we are very grateful. Last night Lisa was having some pain and I was able to use Reiki to alleviate the pain. Also, this morning Lisa woke up without anxiety. This was the first time in a long time this has happened.  We are truly blessed to have met you and to begin our wonderful Reiki journey.


Knowing about training given by other [instructors], I know of no one who comes even close to having Diana’s knowledge from this Reiki I & II class. She absolutely answered every question effectively and compassionately. I was never made to feel “dumb” and was always given lots of knowledge. I knew that there would be “hands on,” but I was pleasantly surprised by not only the amount but the quality. This class was much more spiritual than I expected. But as a Christian, I was never “upset” with the spiritual nature of the class and felt that it complimented my religion. I will use Reiki in my practice as well as for personal empowerment.

Deborah M.


Diana’s Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I & II class was extraordinary! It was uplifting and joyful. The material was presented in an easy way to practice and experience. Diana made me feel loved and safe throughout the process. Her energy is unreal! Being able to practice a full session on my class partner was a really positive experience and I enjoyed the attunement process — the energy moving in was pure love!
Cassie C.

Yoga Teacher

Plenty of hands-on practice and perfect instruction! This class (Reiki I & II)  is very spiritual, uplifting, and encouraging.

Debbie C.